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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry places special importance in preventing tooth decay. Pediatric Dentists give advice on how to make teeth strong, the importance of developing healthy eating habits and other ways to prevent disease from occurring. Additionally, our Pediatric Dentist works toward the maintenance of primary teeth (baby teeth) until they are naturally lost. The importance of maintaining healthy primary teeth can be stated as follows: they serve in permitting children to chew properly and maintain good nutrition, they have a role in speech development, and they maintain the necessary space for the eventual eruption of the permanent teeth.

The role of your Pediatric Dentist changes as children enter adolescence. Recognizing the growing importance of appearance and self-image in their patients, Pediatric Dentists work to ensure that adolescents’ dental needs are met.

Pediatric Dentistry not only aids in the dental health of children but serves as an educational resource for parents.

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