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The Exchange Dental Group

General Dentistry

The Exchange Dental Group employs the finest, most experienced, caring, and knowledgeable registered dental hygienists. The hygienist will perform a professional dental cleaning that will consist of removing plaque and tartar, and a tooth polishing to remove stains. They will also assist the doctor in oral cancer screening, gum disease evaluation, tooth decay, and examination of existing restorations.

We Use CT Scans for Our Dental X-Rays

Our state-of-the-office has acquired the latest in x-ray dental technology. It is called a CT Cone Scan and it gives the dentist a 3 dimensional view of the teeth and their supporting structures. The scan is a valuable tool in helping to diagnose abnormalities, unusual pathology, cracked teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, curved roots, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, sinus lifts & sinus pathology, bone grafting, and positioning of implants.

Come In For Your Annual Check Up!

Despite all of our advanced procedures, we still keep smiles beautiful with general dentistry procedures at our office. Although our dentists specialize in a variety of procedures, they all still have the general dentistry training and expertise needed to help all of our patients maintain optimal oral health, no matter what type of treatments they are seeking. We believe in the importance of regular cleanings and oral examinations, and the availability of emergency care. If your dental health is important to you, and you would like to schedule an appointment for a general dentistry consultation, cleaning or examination, please contact us today!

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